Discover how to reclaim your life, reconnect with those you love and reignite your joie de vivre, so that each day flows with ease, you feel calm and confident and every area of life feels full and fabulous!

Do you feel overwhelmed each day with no time for anything except your to-do list?

Are you in a high state of stress and anxiety, worrying about everything and everyone and then falling into bed exhausted?

Do you worry about neglecting the rest of your life, your relationships, your social life, and your health because all your focus is on your career and business?

You feel you and your partner are “like ships passing in the night”, you’re always waiting for your kids to get to sleep so you can sit down, and you can’t remember when you truly took time out to unwind and do something that made you laugh out loud.

You dread friends asking you to join them on a fun night out because you’d rather slump in front of a box set with a glass of wine.  You just can’t bring yourself to make the effort.

Can you relate to that?

You know you look happy and successful on the outside but you’re wondering just how much more you can cope with?  In fact, some days, you’re barely holding it all together.

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Imagine a different day, a different life.

Picture yourself easing yourself into your day knowing how you want to feel, what the important tasks of the days are – and that they’re going to get done.

Imagine your day flowing with ease, without stress and confrontation, because you’re feeling on top of everything, confident and calm.

 If you have a partner, imagine sitting down together this evening and actually looking into each other’s eyes while you chat about what matters, sharing funny moments from your day. 

If you have children, picture yourself enjoying bedtime and the closeness of a conversation about what they enjoyed today.  You’ll be totally present, focused on them, noticing all the things you love about them.  What’s more, their behaviour will change as they notice they’re getting the attention they crave.

couple chatting on bench

What’s going to happen if nothing changes?

The saddest thing I heard someone say was “I realised I had a house but I didn’t have a home”.  This entrepreneur had been so focused on building their business that everything had gone by the wayside.  The relationship had broken down, and their partner had left, taking the children.

This is extreme, but what’s going to happen if you don’t take action now?  Will you get so burnt out that you’ll end up in hospital?  Could your relationships break down?  Will you carry on feeling alone and disconnected?  How long can you carry on wearing that mask?

Yes, you’ll get that promotion and a great salary, but what’s success with no significance? What’s power if you have no purpose? What’s money if you have to meaning? What’s a house if you don’t have a home?

Let me introduce myself

My name is Karen Burge, and I help busy, ambitious business leaders create a fabulous, fulfilled life with time to spend with who and what they love most.

I’ve always been an entrepreneur, while juggling many roles as a wife and mother. I remember a period when I was running 2 different businesses, overhauling a house, supporting my husband and trying to be a good parent to two teenagers. I felt I was constantly trying to keep everything going, and everyone around me happy. Instead I got heart palpitations as I headed towards burnout.

These days, I feel fulfilled and my day flows with ease. I have a morning routine that sets me up for a calm day, and I have plenty time for my friends and family. I feel calm and life feels good.

I’m an award winning coach who has worked with clients globally. I’m a motivational speaker and a mentor at Sussex University Business School. I’ve helped many clients find the clarity and tools they need to create a totally new life.

For example, one client with three different businesses, gave herself time again for the sport she loved, and dancing classes. She reconnected with her partner, improved their communication, and last summer they got engaged!

So what’s your next step?

I have created a short but powerful course just for you. If your to-do list is already long, you don’t have time for loads of lessons and time-consuming action steps.  Stop Striving, Start Thriving is simple, succinct and powerful.  You can complete this course by setting aside half an hour whenever you’re able and see your life transformed!   

Stop Striving, Start Thriving!
will have a massive impact on you and all aspects of your crazy, busy life.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Gaining Clarity

How to decide what you want your day to look like, so that…

You’re clear on who and what’s important to you

You can set boundaries around your time and needs

You set the standards at which you want to live

You reclaim your life
Mindset Makeover

How to reset your thinking, so that…

You become open to new opportunities

You allow the good stuff in and reject the soul-sapping crap

You give yourself permission to upgrade your experiences

You attract what will lift you up, not drag you down
Creating Calm

Specific tools for creating calm, so that …

You can connect to yourself

You can think clearly

You can allow new ideas to come to you, and plan!

You can progress rather than be busy all the time
Time management

Discover how to create more time in your day, so that …

You can relax and be with the one you love. Communicate, support, love and laugh.

You can really connect with your children, reading stories, hearing about their day, and addressing any problems.

You can enjoy what you love doing and feeling sheer enjoyment

You have some “me” time to refresh and relax, and love yourself again
Taking Control

Learn when to say YES and when to say NO, so that …

You can prioritise what’s important to you

You can get rid of what sucks the energy out of you

You can have more fun in your day

You can feel energetic and vibrant
Creating your Life

Learn how to start each day, so that …

You’ll know how you want to feel throughout the day.

You’ll know how to address any problems that may be coming up

You’ll get the outcomes that you want

You’ll be in control, feeling calm and confident no matter what

Remember, I’ve made this simple and powerful because you have a busy life already!


When you follow the easy steps in this course, life really will change.  Instead of jumping out of bed all ready frazzled, you’ll ease yourself into the day, with time to savour that cup of coffee, and plan properly how your day will run.

When you’re calm, you find that there’s time to eat the meals that nourish you and give you energy, instead of a quick sugar rush and crash.  Moving your body will be done for fun and not yet another ‘chore”.

You’ll get the important things done because you’ll be coming from a place of inspired action rather than crazily reacting to any crisis that comes up. You’ll certainly have more ideas, taking the steps that will move you forward exponentially, and be more productive than you thought possible.  Colleagues and clients will wonder what you’re on!

When you achieve so much, you’ll find there’s time for what you enjoy most.  Maybe you crave to curl up and relax with a glass of wine and a book,  or leisurely cook a great meal.  Imagine laughing and chatting with those nearest to you at home; reading bed-time stories or playing video games with your kids.  Could you see yourself connecting with those that make you laugh and help you unwind, whether it’s at a wine bar or squash court, you’ll be revelling in your life and looking forward to the next day with joyful anticipation

Life is great because you feel great!

The investment in YOU and your business is £247, but right now, there’s an ‘Early Bird Discount” for those signing up before Sunday 10th February!

Stop Thriving, Start Thriving!

Join now for just £197!

I have two great bonuses for you that will make this experience even better!

Inner Magic Meditation Training

First of all, there is NO right way to meditate. You can sit in silence, chant a mantra, listen to music or even have someone guide you through a mental journey. I’ve experienced many, but this is the BEST life changing meditation you will ever try. Truly, it changes lives. Meditation isn’t just about calming the mind. When you practice the Inner Magic Meditation, you will gain your own powerful insights. You’ll get answers to your questions, and the best ideas. This meditation amplifies your own powerful thoughts so that you gain clarity, confidence and focus.

This would normally be sold separately at £85, but is included in your course!
From Small to Tall Confidence Course

Do you often wish you were more confident? Maybe you envy people who are so certain of themselves. You see them shine at interviews, give talks on stage or attract love easily. They appear to win at everything.

It’s easy to compare yourself with others, but confidence can be created. Lack of confidence comes from thoughts you’ve had for so long that they’ve become a belief. There are steps you can take to change that belief and become confident enough to take on anything you desire.

This is a life changing mini-course, that will allow you to shine and achieve anything you go after. I shall be offering it at £125 in the future but it’s free as part of this course.

This is your time to start living and thinking differently.  Reclaim your life! Create each day so it flows with ease. Reconnect with those you love!   Feel calm and confident. 

Give up all the stress and striving, it’s your time to thrive! 

Join now for just £197!