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Do you wake each morning with a dread of the busy day ahead? You know there’s not a minute to spare as you look after everyone else, see to their demands, and go through your endless to-do list.

Do you crave a different kind of day?

You want to take control of your day, and have time to do what you enjoy with those you love most. You want to feel calm, with everything happening easily and elegantly.

Well you can.

Let me introduce you to the Woman Awake Morning Ritual.

Just 10 minutes that will set you up for the day so you achieve all you desire, in a way thats perfect for you. 

A ritual that changes not just your day but your life.

Every survey and study into successful people has found that they have rituals that they’ve made part of their life each day. It’s found that they do certain things; they meditate, they exercise, they read or write, and they visualise the day they want to create.

Using the Woman Awake Morning Ritual, you’ll decide how you want to feel rather than be influenced by those outside. You'll get all you need to support you, and you'll manage your time so that everything gets done. Most importantly you'll have a day of joy and pleasure!

The Woman Awake Morning Ritual is a short ritual that empowers you in a beautiful way.

It's a simple tool that is very powerful.  It enables you to stop striving, and start thriving!  

 It allows you to tune into your inner being, discover what you crave,

and how to achieve it.

You’re able to reclaim your day instead of being led by the demands of everyone else.

You acknowledge the support you need – and make sure you get it!

You have a simple action plan for the day instead of overwhelm.

You create time for joy, pleasure and fun. Yes, every day!


I love my Woman Awake Morning Ritual! It has given me so much clarity, energy and improved productivity!

I feel more alignment to my values and life purpose, there’s more joy, insight and less stress.

I just feel a deep sense of trust in myself, and how my day will evolve. Thank you!

~ Maria Daley


What others say about the Woman Awake Morning Ritual...

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I’ve always had things I do in the morning like exercise and meditation but this is so much more!

I finally feel in control of my day instead of some crazy ball-juggling mother monster!

~ Rachel Forster

This is what your Woman Awake Morning Ritual consists of:


Your One Precious Life Audio.  An inspirational presentation to help you create a beautiful life of fulfilment, success and joy!

Value £50


7 short but powerful modules taking you through each step.  Remember though, this only takes 10 minutes of your precious time! 

Value £260


A beautiful downloadable and printable Guide. Keep it close by to remind you of each step of the Woman Awake Morning Ritual

Value: £19


 The total value of the Woman Awake Morning Ritual

is £329.

For a limited time it is available for you at

just £23!!

Oh wow! I love, love, love this! I’d never have believed just 10 minutes could change my whole day!
Thank you Karen!
— Kat Wiseman

There's also a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. 

Yes, I’m so sure that if you make this ritual part of your day, every day, you will see huge benefits in the way you feel, plan and move through your day.  If you try it out for 30 days and see no difference, just email me at [email protected]  and I’ll refund your money. You can keep the recording, workbook and MP3 recordings too.

Smart women know that investing in themselves pays dividends a hundred fold.  They reach out for support to help create the life they desire.  I know this Woman Awake Morning Ritual works because so many women have made it part of their day and have reaped fabulous results.

~ They have discovered a part of themselves they’d thought lost.

~ They learned how to take control of their day, and their life.

~ They found that giving themselves what they need has brought deep joy.

~ They have more self-awareness, confidence, and certainty.

Now it’s your turn. Take back your day for just £23.